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ПК02-0613-00 DominoFE internetwork analyzer DA-362; WG DominoWAN ISDN
Анализаторы сетей передачи данных - приборы для мониторинга, отыскания неисправностей и симуляции работы оконечных устройств. (Выставка "Связь-Экспокомм-99")
Производитель: Wandel und Goltermann inc
ПК0716460 Логгеры данных Testo
Логгеры: логгеры данных; мини логгеры данных температуры; компактные логгеры данных; компактные логгеры данных для долговременных измерений; профессиональные логгеры данных в прочном металлическом корпусе.
Производитель: "Тэсто Рус" ООО
PK1611286324 DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol)
DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol) is a set of open communication protocols commonly used in electrical and water utilities. Supervisory control and data acquisition systems use DNP3 to communicate between a master station, remote terminal units, and intelligent electronic devices. NI targets may be programmed as DNP3 outstation or master devices with advanced functionality, such as power quality monitoring, phasor measurements, and other smart grid-related analysis. The NI-IndCom for DNP3 driver is a set of LabVIEW functions used to create DNP3 outstation or master applications. You can program these functions on Windows computers for development and then deploy them to PXI Express controllers with Windows or NI real-time controllers such as CompactRIO, Single-Board RIO, PXI, and PXI Express for field applications. The DNP3 driver supports Ethernet and serial communication, file transfer, and time synchronization between master and outstation. You also can use multiple communication channels per outstation and multiple sessions (logical devices) per channel. The NI-IndCom for DNP3 driver supports unlimited deployments to the following targets: -CompactRIO and Single-Board RIO controllers with real-time OS -NI PXI/PXI Express controllers with real-time OS -NI PXI Express controllers with Windows OS The driver is licensed for deployment only on NI PXI Express Windows targets - not other targets such as a Windows PC. Download the NI-IndCom for DNP3 driver under the Resources tab. When you purchase the driver, NI will mail you a serial number. If you need to upgrade from a version earlier than 14.0, please contact your account representative. Refer to KB 6T5F18LO for more information.
Производитель: National Instruments Corporation
PK1611296818 NI 6584
You can use this adapter module with an NI FlexRIO FPGA module for customized, bit-level access to RS-485/RS-422. With this combination, you can implement customized RS-485/RS-422 communication or real-time analysis on the FPGA. The NI 6584 is available in both half and full duplex. The half duplex module shares TX and RX pairs, thus allowing you to transmit or receive individually on that channel. Full duplex on the other hand has separate TX and RX pairs allowing you to transmit and receive simultaneously.
Производитель: National Instruments Corporation